KSA Productions was founded in July 1988 by Rémi Kessler and Caroline Schweich, with offices in New York and Paris, and quickly built an international reputation supplying production services for French and US producers shooting abroad for commercials and television series.

The Los Angeles office opened in April 2001 and since has produced features, commercials and industrials for US and other European clients. Located in the heart of the Entertainment Capital of the world, KSA Production provides its clients with all the resources and infrastructures necessary for the highest production value in the US or elsewhere. We approach each client's budgetary and production requirements with the same consideration and respect, whether it's a reduced unit guerilla-type crew "stealing shots" of the actors in the streets of Los Angeles for an independent feature, or a battle sequence with 500 extras using Green Screen technology in the rice fields of Mainland China for a commercial, digital high definition post production with 35 mm film-out or a three person crew for an industrial presentation.

With a full transparency throughout the entire production process and a strong commitment to professionalism, we know how to make our clients feel comfortable, in control of their budget, happy with the results, in any location, no matter how far the location is from home.

Rémi Kessler, Producer/President
Caroline Schweich, Producer/ Vice-President

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